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Terryann Sanders, Psychotherapist

Terryann Sanders, Psychotherapist


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Psychotherapy is the practice of helping people understand dysfunctional patterns and behaviors that are negatively impacting their life, and using interventions and methods to change behaviors in an effort to be more effective and increase happiness and satisfaction in life.  Life coaching focuses on achieving specific goals that may be related to personal struggles, business or career challenges or relationship issues.  Terryann's Coaching for Life utilizes both to help individuals reduce or remove the obstacles that may be keeping them stuck in patterns and behaviors that are getting in the way of creating the life they want to live.  Obstacles may include mental health issues such as anxiety, past or current trauma or sexual abuse, depression, process and chemical addictions, personality factors and more.  

Additional Info

Terryann Sanders is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (41760) who has been in private practice since 2005.  She has specialized expertise in eating and related disorders including body shame and other women's issues.  Terryann especially enjoys working with women to reduce body hatred and shame and increase self esteem and positive experience.


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